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Cuddle Sessions






 Cuddle sessions offer a safe gentle space where you can fulfill your innate need for nurturing touch and attention. During a cuddle session we may hold hands and talk about your day, or fall into a peaceful sleep. Sessions can be spent snuggling, or enjoying an activity. This is your time to relax and feel comfortable. These sessions are in no way sexual, but are meant to give you the feeling that you are not alone. 




Is nurturing touch essential to ones well being?

Yes, lack of nurturing touch has been linked to depression, anxiety and insomnia.


What are the benefits of cuddle?


Studies have shown that snuggling and hand holding releases oxytocin and reduces cortisol. Clear results in boosting overall health, weight loss, lower blood pressure, strengthened immune system, improved mood, better sleep and less anxiety have been documented from more cuddling. Its really quite remarkable.


What should I wear?

I recommend you wear something you feel comfortable in. It could be pajamas, including shorts with a shirt, or whatever you are wearing that day. Please keep in mind that nudity is not a part of this session. Nudity or wearing only underclothing are not an option.

How should I prepare for my session?

Before each session I ask that you brush your teeth and come in freshly laundered clothing or bring some to change into. Please come in clothing that you have not applied any perfumes to.


What are some examples of things you have done during a cuddle session besides cuddle?

Sessions can be a short cuddle or a movie marathon. Its all about what would support and nourish you most. 

Examples: I've talked for hours, made home cooked meals, played games, danced, watched movies, listened to music, gone for walks and had sleepovers.

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