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Come Home to your Body with Tantra


Tantra is the path to awakening through embodiment. When we learn to be present with our experiences we are able to access higher states of awareness. Tantric bodywork supports you in practicing presence, expanding your awareness and deepening your connection to yourself. Through Tantric practices we have the opportunity to broaden our experience of sensation, rewrite our patterns and shift into deeper connection.



We start each session by checking in and creating a safe space.  From there we introducing breathwork and mindfulness practices that will support you in embodiment and presence through the session. Following this we open the session to conscious touch, gently soothing the body and igniting the life force. The entire experience is a ritual that celebrates the whole being you are. 

Tantric philosophy embraces all of the body as sacred and equal. This means all of your body and all your emotions are invited to show up.  This also means sessions can be rather diverse. Often sessions are a exploration into the deepest parts of yourself; pleasure, tears, laughter, bliss, healing, juicy expression. Everything. All of it. This is a space where you can be held, nurtured and accepted as you open to the possibilities. 

How much can you open?

How much can you feel?


For sessions 2hrs or more in length I offer a Bathing Ritual that may take place before or after your session. Bathing Rituals are gentle and can be playful, nurturing or ceremonial.   

Sessions in mastery of control, sacred spot, vaginal mapping, intuitive healing and witnessing may also be integrated into the session.

These sessions are offered to all regardless of sex or orientation.

Session Preparation 

 Please take time before your session to reflect on what's bringing you in. This may impact the focus of our session. For example, a session that is focused on trauma, emotional release or energy work may look somewhat different from a session focused on sensuality and expanding ones sensate awareness.


It is best if you do not eat directly before to our session. I also recommend not consuming alcohol or caffeine within 8 hours of our session.

Session Etiquette 

Touching me is not part of our sessions, with the exclusion of the bathing ritual. I request that you leave all expectation at the door including those from previous experiences with other practitioners. Sessions are not goal oriented. You are encouraged to be in the pleasure of the moment. 


 I ask that you arrive at your appointment as promptly as possible and that you are clean and showered. Our session time begins upon your arrival and ends upon your departure.  

PLEASE NOTE: I offer a professional service for those who are genuinely seeking a positive change in their lives. I do not offer sexual services and will immediately end an inquiry or advance of this nature.


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