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 About Me


As a child and on into early adulthood I knew little of spirituality,

mindfulness practices or empowerment. My early years were fraught

 with struggle and difficulty. I eventually entered into university with the

desire to help others. I studied pre-med and humanitarian aid.

I was trained in both wilderness survival and emergency medicine.

As a student I repelled from cliffs to rescue victims,

held clinics in remote jungles and was trained on two continents in



 I found Tantra quite on accident. In fact I went searching for information

on sacred sexuality thinking I had stumbled across an originally idea. 

In the beginning I did not seek for myself. I wanted to help others.

Of course I very quickly I realized I'd have to start with my own work,

which was extensive. I suffered from sexual trauma and undiagnosed

 pelvic floor pain. I did not believe sex could be pleasurable. Through my work with empowerment and sacred sexuality I healed this life long struggle within 6 months. From there my experience of sensation shifted. Not just my experience of pleasure, but my entire sensate body shifted into openness and curiosity. I became veracious in my search for knowledge. I trained with sex shamans in the jungle, geeked out with world renown consent educators and studied with masters of Tanta.


In doing so I found traditional Tantra and realized than sex and Eros were just the tip of the iceberg. Integrating the roots of Tantra shifted my experience of life and self in a way so vast, that there are no words to describe the experience. The way the world felt changed. This is the gift of Tantra.   

Today, I am trained and certified in multiple healing modalities. I offer support on a one on one basis, mentor practitioners and assist at events. I am sought as a consultant by organizations for integrating consent and boundaries, as well as facilitators creating programs and classes.


I would be honored to support you in your journey, whatever that journey looks like. Be it simply showing up and seeing you just as you are.  Or, perhaps, in sharing the tools and practices that have supported me in living a life of peace, expansion and embodiment. 

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my story.

I so look forward to hearing from you.

Much love,




Mentors & Training affiliates                                                                             

  • Betty Martin

  • Shawn Roop

  • Lawrence Lanoff

  • Body Electric

  • ISTA

  • BodyJoy

  • Triambika Vive

  • Monique Darling

  • IET Certified 

  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC)








"There is healing here. Here in a place of authenticity and acceptance. Here in a space that sheds shame and embraces sexuality as a powerful and beautiful piece of who we are."








" When I was first touched in love and with boundaries, I realized I had been starving,"


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