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About Me


As a child and into early adulthood I knew little of spirituality, mindfulness or empowerment. I entered into university with a desire to help others. I studied humanitarian aid, disaster response and emergency medicine. As a student I repelled from cliffs to rescue victims, held clinics in remote jungles and had months of survival and rescue training in the wilderness.

 When I stumbled upon Tantra I felt an immediate alignment. I knew I had work to do. I came to Tantra with a history of loss, disempowerment, sexual trauma and undiagnosed pelvic floor pain. I had never experienced sex as pleasurable or fulfilling. Through my work with empowerment and sacred sexuality, I healed this lifelong struggle in just 6 months. From there my experience of sensation shifted. Not just my experience of pleasure, but my entire sensate body shifted into openness and curiosity. I became veraciousin my search for knowledge. I trained in multiple healing modalities all over the world. I went to the jungle to journey with sex shamans. I sought out renown leaders in the field of consent. I studied with true masters of Tanta.


Along the way I found traditional Tantra, and realized that sex and Eros were just the tip of the iceberg. Integrating the roots of Tantra shifted the very foundations of how I experienced life. With a practice of nonduality, acceptance and meditation, the world became new. Struggles and judgments fell away, replaced with a deep sense of peace, gratitude and kindness. This is the gift of Tantra. 

Today I am honored and humbled to have been practicing in this field for a over a decade. I offer Tantric sessions, coaching, mentoring for practitioners and assist at events. I am sought out as a consultant by organizations seeking to better integrate consent and boundaries, as well as facilitators creating programs and classes. 


I would be honored to support you in your journey - whatever that journey looks like. Be it holding a space for you to be seen and held, or in sharing the tools and practices that have supported me in living a life of peace, expansion and embodiment. 

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my story.

I look forward to hearing from you.

-Kyah Morgan




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