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As a child and on into early adulthood I knew little of spirituality, mindfulness

practices , or empowerment. In fact, my early years were fraught

 with struggle and difficulty. I manage along well enough and eventually

entered into university with the desire to help others. I studied pre-med

and humanitarian aid. I was trained in both wilderness survival and

emergency medicine. As a student I repelled from cliffs to rescue victims,

held clinics in remote jungles, and was trained on two continents in survival.

From there, my travels expanded. I drank deeply of all the experiences I

encountered and somewhere along the way I found sacred sexuality,

 conscious awareness practices, and Tantra. To be certain, I did  not stumble

upon it, I sought it out. My experience with sex was limited and

uncomfortable. I suffered from pelvic floor pain my entire life, and believed with my whole self that sex could not actually be pleasurable. Through my work with empowerment, mindfulness and sacred sexuality I healed this life long struggle within 6 months. It didn't stop there. I began to expanding into pleasure and sex in a way I had never even imagined possible. Cosmic, sacred, divine connection that enlightened every cell in my being. I went on to study sacred sexuality and eventually traditional Tantra.


On the path of Tantra I reached new levels of self- actualization, empowerment and awareness. I learned how to listen to my truth and live that truth. In this way I expanded my ability to experience life and pleasure. Sacred sexuality, Tantra and conscious awareness practices changed, not only my sexual self, but my whole self. It radically shifted the way I perceive and experience the world. What people do not often realize, is that our sexuality is such an expansive part of who we are. When we expand our relationship to it, it helps us to be bigger. Not just in the bedroom, but in the whole of our lives. To be embodied and empowered in your intimate life, is to be embodied and empowered in your whole life. We can not separate the two. Therefore we can not work on one without the other.  

Today, I am trained and certified in multiple healing modalities; from Master Tantra teachers, to mentoring with world renown intimacy coaches and sex shamans . I am dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for others that promotes growth, healing, and authenticity. I am passionate about sharing with individuals and couples the tools and education needed to live a life of peace, expansion and embodiment.



Mentors & Training affiliates                                                                             

  • Betty Martin

  • Shawn Roop

  • Lawrence Lanoff

  • Body Electric

  • ISTA

  • BodyJoy

  • Triambika Vive

  • Monique Darling

  • IET Certified 








"There is healing here. Here in a place of authenticity and acceptance. Here in a space that sheds shame and embraces sexuality as a powerful and beautiful piece of who we are."








" When I was first touched in love and with boundaries, I realized I had been starving,"


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