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 Coaching Sessions

 Tantric Life Coaching ~ Empowerment Coaching ~ Intimacy Coaching

What is Coaching?


When we expand our relationship to ourselves it allows us to live a fuller life. Coaching sessions are designed to support you in your personal growth. This may look like talking, learning new perspectives or practicing new skills.  

Sessions are a safe, nonjudgmental space where you are supported in connecting to your authentic self.

Georgia is a bold and elegant font that is highly readable, even on smaller screens. So it’s ideal for mobile.  

  • Intuitive Guidance 

  • Mental Re-framing

  • Expand Your Connections

  • Learn About Yourself 

  • Access your Full Pleasure Potential 

  • Shift Patterns 

  •  Build Healthy Relationships

  • Eliminate Shame

  • Communicate

  • Become Empowered


(Explained in terms you can kind of understand)

 Tantra seeks to awaken your consciousness through awareness, acceptance and empowerment. Traditional Tantra is a life path. More specifically it is a spiritual path that guides one toward embodied liberation. Embracing the foundations of Tantra radically shift ones perceptions and experiences of life.


 Neo-Tantra focuses on intimacy and is more aptly described as sacred sexuality. 


 I am trained in both Neo-Tantra and traditional Tantra. This allows me a wide area of practice.



What to Expect...

First Session:

To begin, we get really clear on why you are coming in and what you would like to get out of our sessions. This is something to consider before setting up your first session. From there I hear about your history, your interests, and answer any questions you have.

Additional Sessions:

The direction our sessions take depends on you. 

Tantric Life Coaching

Learn about the roots of Tantra and how to integrate Tantric living into your life.

Intimacy Coaching

 Learn about empowerment, awareness and communication. Sessions may eventually include slowing down and exploring your experience of arousal. The option to shed a few layers of clothing or work with nudity will become available with time. You will be learning how to choose and communicate, so at no time are you expected to do anything that is beyond your level of comfort. I highly recommend that the first three sessions be no more than one week apart. 

"Calling in Love" Coaching

This is a 8 week program with weekly readings and assignments.

It was originally structured to prepare one for healthy partnership, while simultaneously creating the energetic invitation for your beloved to show up. I find this program is equally adapted at deepen ones self love and shifting old patterns. I highly recommend this program for those seeking a deep dive into personal growth.


Support Sessions

 What's happening in your life? Are you processing trauma? Transitioning out of a relationship?

 Or maybe you simply want to be heard and seen in your journey. 

 Couples Coaching

 I usually see each partner individually for 1-5 sessions before seeing you as a couple. Skills around communication, vulnerability and mindfulness will be the core of our sessions. 

What else.... 

  • Connect with your authentic self 

  • Learn how to identify and set boundaries

  • Communicate your desires

  • Expand your capacity for pleasure

  • Become more self aware 

  • Become more empowered

  • Learn to love and accept yourself more

  • Bring presence and awareness to your interactions

  • Learn about the different types of touch; Take, Allow, Give, Receive 

  • Grow in your ability to touch with consciousness

  • Grow in your ability to fully be in service and lead others to pleasure 

  • Learn about your experience of arousal. 

  • Shed Shame 

  • Explore fantasies

  • Play!

Coaching sessions are open to all, regardless of gender or age


PLEASE NOTE: I offer a professional service for those who are genuinely seeking a positive change in their lives. I do not offer sexual services and will immediately end an enquiry or advance of this nature.

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