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I offer a range of services to those seeking support, exploration and expansion in the greater Boston area​.  


I am vaccinated and accepting in person sessions. I ask that you be in good health and check in with your truth before scheduling a session with me. 

Much Love



 East Coast Tantra Festival

Tolland Massachusetts ~ August 4th-8th

In one sense Tantra festivals are quite new phenomenon on the planet, in another they are just the latest form of community gathering to meet the mysteries – like the Eleusinian mysteries of ancient Greece or clan initiation ceremonies in India  – the community comes together in rites to individually and collectively open their consciousness.

The great appeal of Tantra is the promise of SEX, in whatever form that takes – it is the gravitational force that pulls us towards other people, events and life – it’s the force that brings us onto earth into life itself. It might also be our greatest fear, as it pushes us to confront our shadows, neuroses that have been able to remain hidden through normal cultural repression, and so they have gathered around our sexuality.


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Touch & Play

Western Massachusetts ~ September 21st-26th

The Touch&Play Project has been creating safer and more inclusive spaces to explore our relational bodies since 2010. Grown from a search for, first the chemistry, and later, the edges of Contact Improvisation our work integrates varies dance and movement practices as well as conscious sexuality, consent work, power, sensation role and rope play and many other disciplines. Our work experiments with the deeply playful art of relating to our selves and others by creating conscious connections through our minds and bodies by listening to what’s alive between us at any given moment.

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